As a frequent visitor to SpringBrook to visit my Mom, I get to see a lot of what goes on there. Staff members are always friendly and welcoming. They always call residents by name. The facility is always well kept and is exceptionally festive during holidays and season changes. There are lots of fun activities for the residents from dominos to field trips. The food tastes homemade and they offer a wide variety of menus to keep things interesting. Having Mom at SpringBrook has given our family a sense of security knowing that she is near and there are people there who care.

Margo M.
I want to thank you and your staff for getting the residents all vaccinated so early on in this process. I have a daughter who works in a nursing home and she got her 1st dose after your residents. You having the paperwork all in order and ready to go so early, I think really made a big difference. I am very impressed with how well SpringBrook handled keeping the residents and staff safe during the past year
Family Member of Resident
Mom has spoken highly of the care she is receiving and how nice everyone is to her. Thank you for all you do. Stay well.
Family Member of Resident
Thank you and all the staff for all you are doing to keep yourselves and the residents safe! We greatly appreciate all of your efforts! We know this is a very difficult time.
Family Member of Resident
A huge thank you to everyone at SpringBrook for taking amazing care of our mom. We were especially concerned about her comfort in her last few days and you all took their time ensuring she was.
Daughter of Resident

You all accomplish many duties for us and never receive enough recognition!  Blessings to all workers here with my deep appreciation for all care and kindness.

Jeanette G.

You all accomplish many duties for us and never receive enough recognition!  Blessings to all workers here with my deep appreciation for all your care and kindness.

Jeanette - resident

Thank you for the beautiful plant and card. We always knew SpringBrook was the right place for her.  Thank you so much for all you did for Ruby!

Thompson family

I would like to share my sincere thanks to everyone on the staff for the excellent support, superb meals and individual attention you are providing to your residents. It is meant from the heart.
Thank you!

As Autumn fades away to winter, I find my hope for life renewed because of everyone’s kindness and goodness here at SpringBrook. When even a loved one dies after 67 years of togetherness, the sadness can be unbearable. All staff here have given me comfort and support. This shows me how you truly care. Thank you!
Thank you so much to ALL the staff for your caring and support giving up holiday plans to take care of all the residents at Springbrook. I am so proud and grateful to have my mom living there. You all are appreciated by my siblings and myself.
Family Member of Resident
I appreciate how careful you are with this COVID situation. Thank you for all that you do!
Family Member of Resident
Wonderful, Mom will be so happy to hear that I can resume visiting her on Friday’s for lunch starting this week. Thank you again for all you and the staff are doing to keep the residents safe!
Daughter of Resident

To Chef Laurie –

Thank you for the lovely turkey dinner. I wish that I could make a turkey that well! The cranberry was a nice added touch.

Bless you, Betty

Betty - Resident